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Exploring Leadership Styles Adopted By the Top and Middle Level Leaders from the Hospital Industry in Pune City | Original Article

Preeti Goel*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The point of the investigation was to look at the authority styles embraced by the top and center level heads of the medical clinics in Pune city and give contributions to upgrade the administration style of the emergency clinic pioneers. Five exploration questions were tended to in this investigation. A blended strategy study configuration was utilized for this examination. The top and center level pioneers from the clinic and lodging industry partook in this examination. Quantitative information was gotten by 41 top and center level pioneers from both the ventures without anyone else announcing strategies and subjective information was acquired by up close and personal meeting method from 20 pioneers. Quantitative information was examined with the assistance of rates and chi square test. Subjective information was examined by topical investigation and results were blended during the translation and revealing period of the examination. Results indicated blended administration style should be embraced by the medical clinic top and center level pioneers. The Hospital business needs authority preparing and advancement of their top and center level pioneers when contrasted with the lodging business. Clinical educational program likewise expected to teach initiative parts in their undergrad or postgraduate courses.