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Synthesis Characterization and Catalytic Oxidation Studies of Nanosized Cobalt Oxide Copper Oxide and Their Composites | Original Article

Elayaperumal R.*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Due to industrialization, the VOCs are contaminating both air and water bodies which are a cause of concern due to their health hazards. In the recent year use of noble metal catalyst to destroy VOCs on site has gained importance. However their cost deters their use. We have developed low cost transition metal oxide catalysts such as CuO, Co3O4 and their composites (Co3O4CuO) to be used as oxidation catalysts for VOCs. The processes used have been Hydrothermal (HT), Sol-Gel Auto combustion (SGA), Chemical Combustion (CC) Thermal Decomposition (TD), for the production of high surface area, and enhanced catalytic activity of nano structural catalysts (in the range of 16 nm to 71 nm). The synthesized catalysts were studied for the relative oxidation of formaldehyde by aqueous potassium dichromate and respective catalyst, at moderate temperatures (20-40oC). Co3O4 being best has been used to catalyze the oxidation of oxalic acid and benzaldehyde by airoxygen at moderate temperatures (25o -65oC) and (60oC) respectively. As no reagents were employed for the oxidation of oxalic acid and benzaldehyde, the heterogeneous nature, reusability and recoverability of Co3O4 catalyst makes the process a truly Green Technology at lower costs.