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Relationship between Physical Literacy and Physical Education | Original Article

Ajay Dubey*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Physical literacy has become an undeniably compelling idea in the previous few decades, and is being woven into education, game, and entertainment strategy and practice, especially in Canada. The term depends on a similitude that compares development familiarity to language literacy. Utilization of an allegorical as opposed to a hypothetical establishment has empowered different translations and re-meanings of the term. This article focuses on a comprehension of physical literacy that incorporates and reunifies the translations, assisting physical literacy with being hypothetically seen, essentially explored, and instrumentally utilized. The division of the comprehensive physical literacy idea into different understandings is followed and the allegorical premise of physical literacy is examined. In this investigation we have examined about physical literacy and motivation and confidence as fundamental to physical literacy, relationship between physical literacy and physical education, physical literacy and pedagogical models, value of physical literacy, dualism and the manipulation of physical education, monism, physical literacy and the re-focusing of physical education, challenges to the concept of physical literacy.