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Challenges Faced By Artificial Intelligence in Indian Scenario | Original Article

Meenakshi Tripathi*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably going to change the way we live and work. Because of its high potential, its selection is being treated as the fourth mechanical transformation. Similarly, as with any significant headway in innovation, it carries with it a range of chances just as difficulties. On one hand, a few applications have been created or being worked on with potential to improve the personal satisfaction essentially. According to an investigation, it is relied upon to twofold the yearly financial development pace of 12 created nations by 2035. Then again, there is a chance of loss of occupations. According to the accessible reports, the deficiency of occupations during the following 10-20 years is assessed to be 47 in the US, 35 in the UK, 49 in Japan, 40 in Australia, and 54 in the EU. In the period of globalization, no nation can disengage itself from the effect of the advances in innovation. Be that as it may, the advantages can be amplified and misfortunes can be limited by setting up fundamental framework and policy. Despite the fact that few nations have chosen their technique for AI, India has not yet figured its methodology. This article surveys the global just as public situation and proposes way forward for India.