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Design of Rigid Pavement Using Bacterial Concrete | Original Article

Chetan Ramesh Limkar*, Manik Deshmukh, Aishwarya Dinkar Jadhavar, Dnyaneshwari Krushna Kamble, Pranali Shashikant Swami, Pratiksha Prabhakar Parbat, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Because of its poor stiffness, concrete is a brittle substance that is prone to shattering. Crack repairs are not only costly and time demanding, but they also harm the environment. Designing a new concrete substance that self-repairs cracks might improve its long-term viability. The cultivation of bacteria is the initial step in the inquiry. The strength parameters of bacterial concrete are studied in the second part of the inquiry. The researchers are also looking into the strength characteristics of cement mortar as a result of bacterial induction, as well as the compressive and split tensile strengths of concrete.