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The effects of Plyometric and Circuit Training on the Body Composition of Madhya Pradesh State Basketball Players | Original Article

Brijendra Masram*, Sonu Sharma, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


It was hypothesised that there would be a significant difference in the Anthropometric changes brought on by Plyometric and Circuit training for basketball players at the state level of MADHYA PRADESH, therefore that comparison was the study's stated goal. There were just 120 male basketball players from MADHYA PRADESH included in the study. The players' ages varied from 12 to 16. A total of 120 participants were split evenly between the Experimental Group and the Control Group. Pre- and post-six-week training, anthropometric variables were measured with the same instruments. The Experimental group's players trained six days per week, on alternating days (Plyometric Training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday whereas Circuit Training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). The Anthropometry was analysed to determine a mean and standard deviation. However, compared to the Control Group, the Experimental Group's Anthropometry values were statistically substantially higher.