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An Analysis on Various Technique of Cooling Load Estimation Intended For Building |

Avinash Patil, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The present work is to demonstrate how some very simpleproblems are made mathematically complex and seemingly tedious due to academicor business compulsions. There are some problems in which mathematical modelare developed after making many simplifying assumptions. But, when it comes tosolving these models, very sophisticated and complex schemes are applied. Forsuch problems, dual policy does not make sense and in many cases the problemmay be tackled in a simpler way to get comparable accuracy. The present paperreports one such example. It deals with the development and authentication ofcomputer software for estimating building cooling load. The software is simplerto use, needs fewer input data and is more versatile compared to any othercommercially available, exorbitantly costly and extensively used software. Theeffects of significant building parameters like orientation, window glass shadetype, number of glass panes used, wall insulation, roof type and floor type canbe easily investigated. Effects of all these parameters have been investigatedfor a typical building block to arrive at an intelligent decision. With anyother software or method, it cannot be made so conveniently. All the abovementioned advantages are without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.