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The survey and representation for the safeguard of the cultural heritage in case of emergency | Original Article

Ar. Dario Rizzi*, Architect Greta Montanari, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In this short article we aim to describe the strategy and technique used to survey the Church of Sant'Andrea in Campi di Norcia, which was severely damaged by the 2016 earthquake. The church stands at the entrance of the village, in a position of relevant importance for the landscape of the Val Castoriana, on which the village overlooks. Therefore, considering the framework of damage suffered by the building and its position with respect to the access system of the village, the main objective was to secure the space surrounding the building, aiming to counteract movements of the decks and strengthen the damaged elements, to prevent further collapses. After the securing of the building, it was possible to proceed with the survey campaign. We describe the difficulties encountered due to the presence of rubble and the elements to secure the building, stressing that the survey of cultural heritage, especially in the field of property destroyed by the earthquake, is one of the most representative scenarios in which to use and test modern detection techniques. In fact, recent digital technologies offer the possibility of obtaining new products not only from the survey activities but also in the fields of representation and visualization, with the aim of having an accurate description of the territory, cities and buildings.