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A Critical Study on Quality Traits In Rice |

Jasraj Singh Solanki, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Riceis one of the chief grains of India. Moreover, this country has the biggestarea under rice cultivation, as it is one of the principal food crops. It is infact the dominant crop of the country. India is one of the leading producers ofthis crop. Rice is the basic food crop and being a tropical plant, itflourishes comfortably in hot and humid climate. Rice is mainly grown in rainfed areas that receive heavy annual rainfall. That is why it is fundamentally akharif crop in India. It demands temperature of around 250C andabove and rainfall of more than 100 cm. Rice is also grown through irrigationin those areas that receives comparatively less rainfall. Rice is the staplefood of eastern and southern parts of India. The India's rice productionreached to a record high of 104.32 million tonnes in 2011-2012 crop years(July-June) (FAO, 2012).