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Grid Computing Introduction |

Abdur Rakib, Dr. Harjeet Singh Chauhan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Grid computinghas been a buzzword in information technology since past few years. Gridcomputing is an infrastructure involving  collaboration  of computers,  databases  & network  resources  available, to  perform manipulation ofintensive and large scale data set problems. The hike in the complexities of computational problems in modern era ofscience and technology forced the engineers and scientists to cross theorganizational boundaries to get desired data manipulation. The best logicalsolution to this issue is distribution of the problem set over multiplecomputational resources/nodes. Several solutions to grid computing has beendeveloped and are still evolving, since the notion of Grid sprang up in mid1990s, most of which came from the academic research projects. This paperpresents an introduction to Grid computing providing insight into the essentialfeatures, architecture, scope and challenges of grid computing.