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New Hope and Security Issues of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: a Comprehensive Study |

P. Senthil Selvi, Dr. S. S. Riaz Ahamed, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this paper we discuss about the improvement of security and privacyissues in wireless Ad-hoc network, wireless mesh network and wireless sensornetwork with the help of routing protocols, authentication and cryptographictools. Ad hoc network is a collection of nodes that is connected through awireless medium forming rapidly changing topologies. Attacks on ad hoc networkrouting protocols disrupt network performance and reliability with theirsolution. We briefly present the most popular protocols that follow thetable-driven and the source-initiated on-demand approaches. The comparisonbetween the proposed solutions and parameters of ad hoc network shows theperformance according to secure protocols. We discuss in this paper routingprotocol and challenges and also discuss authentication in ad hoc network. With the advancement inradio technologies like Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, a new concept of networking hasemerged; this is known as ad hoc networking where potential mobile users arrivewithin the range for communication. As network is becoming an increasinglyimportant technology for both military and commercial distributed and groupbased applications, security is an essential requirement in mobile ad hocnetwork (MANETs). Compared to wired networks, MANETs are more vulnerable tosecurity attacks due to the lack of a trusted centralized authority and limitedresources. Attacks on ad hoc networks can be classified as passive and activeattacks or internal attack and external attacks, the security services such asconfidentiality, authenticity and data integrity are also necessary for bothwired and wireless networks to protect basic applications. One main challengein design of these networks is their vulnerability to security attacks.