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A Comparative Study on the Quality Assurance Measures In India and International |

Prof. Dr. G D Singh Marwaha, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Quality assurance is soomnipresent and its vocabulary so pervasive nowadays in higher education policyand discourse that one forgets how relatively recent the enthronement of theterm “quality” actually is. Hence, before embarking on an attempt to trace thekey paths and challenges which quality assurance will be facing in the years tocome, it may be helpful to put the concern with assuring quality in highereducation into context. This should not just be ahistorical exercise, of course, but should also serve to emphasize that qualitydevelopment in higher education is a great deal more than the formal qualityassurance processes that policymakers like to focus upon when they speak aboutquality in higher education. Clearly, quality enhancement is the sum of manymethods of institutional development, ranging from competitive hiringprocedures, creating appropriate funding opportunities, to facilitatingcommunication between disciplines and supporting innovative initiatives throughinstitutional incentives.