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Exploring Opportunities of E-Health Care In India |

V. V. L. A. Prasad, Shri. Dr. Narayan Prasad Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Customer focused health management delivered through e-technology is thenext generation phase of disease management. It is comprehensive, integrated,coordinated, information based approach to health care with the objective tocontinuously improve the quality of health care at an appropriate cost ratiofor patient care with several multimedia interventions. Now a days we see everybody talking about e- health care  , If we see what does this term e-health careis all about , This term was not in use before year 2000,this term now seems toserve as a general “Buzz word “ representing not only Internet Medicine but also virtually coveringeverything related to Medicine and Computers and Internet. The term wasapparently used by Industry experts and business development people rather thanacademicians .They created and used this term in line with other"e-words" such as e-commerce, e -mail, e-business, e-solution etc..,in an attempt to convey the promises, principles, excitement around e-commerce(electronic commerce) to the health care arena, and to give an account of thenew possibilities the Internet is opening up to the area of health care. Over past several years disease management has become a routine word ina health care industry, as health care organisations strive hard to achievevalue and accountability in the rapidly changing technological environment. Thegoal of disease management is to provide the most effective and efficientpatient care. Customer focused health management through e-health care path  broadens the management perspective and putsthe consumer in the driver seat by providing access to  health information and allows to choose themost suitable  service  provider or treatment . Because the Internetcreated new opportunities and challenges to the traditional health careinformation technology industry, the use of a new term to address these issuesseemed appropriate. Now a day’s e- health care services have large categoriesof customer requirement fulfilling products and services. In a broader sense,the term e- health care symbolises not only a technological advancement, butalso a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a commitment fornetworked, global thinking, to improve health care locally, regionally, andworldwide by using information and communication technology.