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Size Reduction and Multiband Operation of Microstrip Antennas Using Fractal Geometry for Wireless Applications: A Review | Original Article

S. B. Akkole*, N. Vasudevan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


With rapid advancement in communication technology over the past decade, there is an increasing demand for small size, cost effective and multi frequency antennas. Fractal antenna designs can be used in meeting the requirements of designing a multi band, low profile and small size. Various techniques and geometries have been introduced for size reduction and multi band operation of micro strip fractal antennas. The reason behind popularity of these antennas is their electrically large structure which adjusts very efficiently into compact size. This paper describes about a review of different geometries already used to design antennas of various techniques of compactness by fractal geometry on micro strip patch antenna for multi band wireless application