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Modifying Involute Profile of Gear to Reduce Noise and Vibration | Original Article

Jahir M. Khatib*, Ganesh A. Kadam, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Gear noise is the accepted principle cause of vibration excition in meshing gear pairs. As on root two principle source of this vibration one fluctuation in the load transmitted by gear mesh & other is transmission error in the meshing gear. In this dissertation by considering aggregate contributions of these excitation components of vibration during meshing of gears formulates by two ways in simpler in manner. Which is by using FEA analysis & Fourier’s null matching technique. These imposing a constant value on the transmission error and requisite contact region on a tooth surface that provides a constant load transmitted by the gear mesh. For an example demonstrate we create steel material spur gear for proofing profile modification invention in by theoretical as well as practicle. The final gear tooth geometry of involute tooth form modified and controlled in such a way that account for deformation under load across a range of loadings. Overall this method should reduce vibration vice-versa noise.