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Experimental Analysis of Various Parameters on Power Consumption for Cast Iron in Milling Operation | Original Article

A. D. Kotagond*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Machining has been a core activity of the manufacturing industry. The effectiveness of machining is controlled among other factors by the machinability of the material that is machined. At the same time cost is also important factor in manufacturing industry. To decrease the manufacturing cost, the power required to carry out the machining process should be reduced. So efforts are directed towards achieving an empirical relationship with the independent variable’s effect on the dependent variable (Power consumption). Analysis of variance technique is used to check the adequacy of the model and to check the significance of the coefficient of the model. In this work the power consumption model is developed for steel (work material) in milling operation. The models are helpful to reduce power required for machining by proper selection of cutting parameters namely Speed, Feed, and Depth of cut.