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Human Genes, Traits and Sports Performance – A Comparative Analyses. | Original Article

Venkata Chalapathi G.*, Md. Sayeeduddin, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Human body operates and functions very systematically and scientifically with natural principles, constituting anatomy, physiology and metabolism. Anatomy deals with the structure of the body and the relationship of various parts of the body to each other. Physiology deals with normal functions of the body, illustrating various systems in the body which functions together, normally as a single unit. Metabolism comprises the anabolism and catabolism to provide the energy for the functioning of the body (Murgesh, 2003). Human health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The mere absence of a disease alone cannot be considered as health. Physical health devotes the normal functioning and growth of all parts of body, and also the body as a whole. Mental health devotes self-satisfaction, self-control, and self-adjustment of an individual. Social health indicates the ability of an individual to adjust with the society and live in the society with all comforts and status (Murgesh, 2003). It would be very interesting to analyze and to understand the concept of human genetics in general and chromosomes, genes and DNA, in particular, with special reference to performances of an individual in sports/games. Therefore, an attempt was made to analyze and correlate the role of genes of an individual in determining the sports performance. Aim: To analyze and understand the inherent property (sports performance) of an individual (male or female) resulting in the off spring (children) to ensure and identify the high performance. It may be concluded here that, the selection criteria for the best talented sports persons for a particular event shall be mainly based on the evaluation and determination of suitable genes in a particular individual. This can be achieved by testing of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) of the persons under test for sports performance, by obtaining the saliva and subjecting for the test as per the standard methods in any standard laboratories. Further, Switch-on and Switch-off system of genes for their expression in an individual is drawing a great attention in the field of sports, for the excellent performance in an event/game, which requires further indepth studies.