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Sports Technology in Engineering Curriculum – A View | Original Article

Arif Ali Khan*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Technology has exaggerated equipment design from low level recreational activities to high level competitive sports in the world scenario. The industry is steadily embracing new technology and adapting its products to keep up with the changing global trends so as to become the most important centre for sport goods manufacturing in the world. Sports engineering is concerned with the research and development of technologies for the sports industry. Sports engineers can be involved with projects as diverse as designing to provide with an in-depth understanding of scientific and engineering disciplines related to the holistic context of modern sports technology, such as mechanical, materials, manufacturing, electrical, chemical, biomedical, construction engineering, sports science, business, textile technology, and mathematics. AICTE the regulator body for technical education in India has 3,364 engineering colleges across the country with about 740 courses under various streams, graduating over 39, 61, 000 students during the year 2015-16. When the plenty of courses are running, then why not a course or a stream viz, “Sports Technology” this may be introduced in engineering curriculum system. The technical advancement and broad capabilities in the field of sports shall enhance employability prospects too in India. In this paper an effort has been made to draw the attention of the concerned to implement the sports technology program in Indian system of engineering curriculum.