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Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) for Production Process-A Review | Original Article

Vrushali T. Pawar*, Maruti S. Pawar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Computer aided process planning (CAPP) has attracted lot of research interest. A huge volume of literature has been published on this subject. In last four decades, a tremendous amount of effort has been made in developing CAPP system. CAPP is a link between design and manufacturing. It is the system which develops process planning with the help of computer. Process planning is an important activity as it involves deciding materials, processes selection, process sequencing, machining parameter selection tool path planning, machine selection, fixture selection, etc. It affects product cost and quality. Many CAPP systems have so far been developed. Different researchers adopted different advanced techniques and approaches. Nowadays, due to fluctuating market and business globalization, CAPP faces new challenges. Thus, there is a great need to come to the current status and detecting future trends of CAPP. In this paper, overview of literature CAPP and development of CAPP has been discussed. Two methods of CAPP which are Variant CAPP and Generative CAPP also discussed in this paper.