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A Survey on Data Security Approach for Protection in Cloud Using Attribute | Original Article

Abhijit Trimbak Parchure*, Suneel Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing has turned into a standout amongst the most critical data security issue lately. That is because of the breathtakingly developing applications and obliged services of cloud computing. Notwithstanding, with a specific end goal to securely use and revel in the profit of cloud computing through wired/wireless networking, sufficient confirmation of data security, for example, classified ness, verification, non-repudiation, and respectability is the most basic component for reception. Data that was once housed under the security realm of the service client has now been put under the insurance of the service provider. Clients have lost control over the security of their data. The proposed approach combines the fine-grained access control and keyword search encryption to provide multiple users’ access controls in the cloud environment with encrypted data protection. The user in this situation can retrieve the data file from the cloud database only if she/he gives appropriate keywords and presents the identity or position that satisfies the rules of the access rights. As Cloud Computing gets to be pervasive, delicate data are as a rule progressively brought together into the cloud. For the security of information protection, delicate information must be encoded before outsourcing, which makes powerful information usage an extremely difficult assignment. Albeit customary searchable encryption plans permit clients to safely seek over encoded information through watchwords, these systems bolster just Boolean inquiry, without catching any significance of information records. This approach experiences two fundamental downsides when straightforwardly connected with regards to Cloud Computing.