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Bioassay-Guided Separation and Cell Reinforcement Assessment of Flavonoid Compound from Aerial Parts of Lippia Nodiflora L. | Original Article

Pragyan Paramita Biswal*, Kumud Sarin, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Lippia nodiflora is a vital restorative plant with various revealed pharmacological properties. It has been accounted for to contain real auxiliary metabolites, for example, nodifloretin, 6-hydroxyluteolin, nepetin, and batatifolin, hispidulin, and jaceosidin, stigmasterol and sitosterol, y-sitosterol and eupafolin, few of which have been appeared to apply in vitro cancer prevention agent impact. Consequently, these phytochemicals are thought to be responsible for the pharmacological properties of this plant. In spite of the way that, there is a proof for the cell reinforcement movement of methanol concentrate of L. nodiflora, the major antioxidative constituents exhibit in the elevated parts have not been widely researched. Subsequently, in light of the ethno-restorative and logical data so far accessible, the present part was engaged to recognize and disengage dynamic compound(s) in charge of the cell reinforcement property of L. nodiflora through bioassay-guided fractionation utilizing as a part of vitro DPPH test.