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Impact of Profitability of NPA in Nationalised Banks in India | Original Article

Kiran Jain*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


A strong banking sector is essential for prospering economy. The crash of the banking sector may have a negative blow on other sectors. Non-performing assets are one of the significant concerns for banks in India. Nonperforming assets, likewise called nonperforming loans, are loans, made by a bank or finance company, on which reimbursements or premium installments are not being set aside a few minutes. An abnormal state of NPAs recommends high likelihood of countless that influence the benefit and total assets of banks and furthermore disintegrates the estimation of the advantage. The problem of NPAs, which was disregarded till as of late, has been given impressive consideration after advancement of the financial sector in India. At exhibit NPA in the banking sector is increasing year by year especially in nationalized banks. NPA is turning into the most despicable aspect of nationalized banks. The prime aim of this paper is to give brief thought regarding the ideas of Non-performing Assets and patterns of NPA in nationalized banks in India.