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Survey on Pavement Maintenance Management System for Indian Roads Using HDM-4 | Original Article

Ranjit N. Shiral*, Gopal Mulgund, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In recent years, a major emphasis has been put on the maintenance of existing road network of India in an appropriate and systematic way through various major projects such as the Highway Management Capacity Improvement Project (HMCP, 2002), the Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP, 2003), and the Third Road Improvement Project - Implementation of Sector Development Policy (ISDP, 2005). Highway Development and Management System HDM-4 (PIARC, 2001) has been used for strategy and program analyses of the road network under unconstrained and constrained budgets as well as for optimization of pavement maintenance alternatives at project level for a specific road section. Therefore, in this project we are presenting the pavement maintenance management system and its analysis using the HDM-4 software tool by using the Indian roads datasets. So in this paper we present the recent study which is done in past by several authors and we explained there techniques and method which used by researchers. Paper explain the related studies on pavement maintenance management system for India with the use of HDM-4.