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Pavement Maintenance Management System for Indian Roads Using HDM-4 | Original Article

Ranjit N. Shiral*, Gopal Mulgund, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In latest years, a major significance has been put on the upkeep of existing road network of India in a suitable and orderly route through different vital undertakings, for example, the Expressway Management Capacity Improvement (HMCP, 2002), the Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP, 2003), and the Third Road development project - Implementation of Sector Development Policy (ISDP, 2005). Highway Development and Management Framework HDM-4 (PIARC, 2001) has been utilized for the procedure and program examinations of the road network under not limited and limited spending plans and in addition for streamlining of footpath upkeep options at project level for a particular road area. Hence, in this project we are presenting the pavement maintenance management system and its analysis using the HDM-4 software tool by using the Indian roads datasets. The main goal of this research is to present the Pavement Management System (PMS) for a recognized National Highway Network keeping in mind the end goal to help the highway engineers in charge of keeping up the highway network and additionally the experts in charge of distributing funds, in making steady and price efficient choices, identified with upkeep and restoration of footpaths. This necessaries advancement of a precise methodology that would foresee the most economical maintenance procedure for a specific footpath segment and prioritization of such upkeep exercises in case of an obliged spending plan The HDM-4 is another global standard helping pavement managers to anticipate future financial, specialized, social and environmental result of conceivable investment choices concerning upkeep administration of pavement. The pavement weakening models joined in HDM-4 have been adjusted to adjust to local conditions and reasonable calibration factors have been resolved.