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A Research about Consumer Trust/Preferences towards Online Travel Products | Original Article

Rohit Agarwal*, Alok Kumar Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Today, with the development of communication technologies, the rate of utilization of the internet and web tools has additionally expanded. The most favored of this web-based tool has been social media. Due to utilizing a considerable measure, social media has turned into a marketing tool both in different fields and tourism industry. Shoppers are influenced the substance which is made by social media clients or the organization in the event of procurement. In this way, a tourism product in social media how it is talked is getting to be imperative hide organizations. Now, it must analyzed changes in shopper conduct in social media during the time spent tourism product acquiring. Holidays and recreation administrations are typically purchased without encountering them in the first place, so getting them online isn't so not quite the same as offline encounter. Thus, Internet has turned into a fundamental marketing tool for the tourism business. The motivation behind the examination is to discover why Indians utilize Internet, on the off chance that they hone tourism as of late and what kind of tourism, purposes behind utilizing the online for various sorts of tourism products, their inclination for the online or offline tourism in view of various criteria, the offer of online devoured tourism. The aftereffects of the paper have suggestions for target marketing systems intended for business condition, travel goal regions, administrations, and offices and furthermore for tourism associations.