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Organizational Behavior – ‘Theory A’ for Managing People for Performance | Original Article

Babita Pandey*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Theories X, Y and Z in organizational behavior (OB) are identified with human inspiration and administration. Theory X and Y authored by Douglas McGregor in the late 1960s, says that the normal person is lazy and self-centered, lacks ambition, dislikes change, and longs to be told what to do. The relating administrative approach accentuates add up to control. Theory Y keeps up that peoples are dynamic as opposed to inactive shapers of themselves and of their condition. They long to develop and accept accountability. Theory Z of William Ouchi concentrated on expanding employee dedication to the organization by giving an occupation to existence with a solid spotlight on the prosperity of the worker, both on and off the job. The above speculations were created in light of research directed in different generation related organization in the 20h century. In any case, in the 21st century, changes in plans of action, mechanization of creation process, changes in innovation and business condition, and changes in peoples' observation, are changing organization into worldwide substances. With regards to development of administration enterprises and worldwide e-business organization, these are not any more material and need change. In this paper, we have made an endeavor to relook into human motivational hypotheses and built up another Organizational Mentality Theory called Theory of Accountability (Theory A). The four noteworthy develops of Theory and are settling Duty, looking after Responsibility, maintaining Accountability, and monitoring pre-decided Target (RAMT). In this paper, a portion of the current hypotheses of organizational behavior are inspected, and essential proposes and point by point organizational model for Theory an is depicted.