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A Study on Health and Safety Policies Adopted by Gokaldas Exports - (JDC) For Women Workers | Original Article

Vatsala G.*, Vijayakumar A. B., in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Indian textile industry is currently estimated to be around US 120 billion and is expected to be reaching US230 billion by 2020. It contributes to 4 of total India’s GDP. The textile industry in India is catering to very dynamic and fast changing urban as well as global environment. The study examines the level of awareness among the women workers of their health and safety in garment industry. Women workers constitute 80 of the workforce in the garment industry. One has to know the working conditions and how the environment affects the women garment workers, as they are subject to multiple risks in the industry. Further, are they aware about the occupational safety and health rights issue is a pertinent question to be answered. On the other hand, this industry comprises of majority of unorganised workers. Hence this study makes an attempt to understand their health and safety issues, risks and problems faced by the women workers at their workplace, checking awareness about labour laws and their proper implementation within the industry and their level of satisfaction at workplace. For the purpose of research Gokaldas Exports is selected which is a leading exporter of garments catering global clients. The study evaluates different aspects like safety policy, literacy, working conditions, training programmes, hygiene, health insurance, grievance redressal, perceptions of the workers towards safety and health in a quantitative manner and also highlights the few gaps in the expectation levels of the women workers and the measure taken by the company. The study is based on the primary data which was collected via a structured questionnaire and direct interview method. The collected data was analysed with the help of SPSS and one sample test is employed. The study concludes that there is a high level of safety maintained by the company and the company is making efforts to provide best possible working environment.