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Emerging Green Consumerism in India: A Study of Green Awareness, Perception & Green Brand Preferences | Original Article

Seema Mahlawat*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


World over, economic growth has come at the cost of environment only. Global warming, an outcome of greenhouse gas emission, is the price the world pays for it’s over ambitious progression. Where previously environmentalists saw excess consumption as central to the problem, green consumerism now places consumption at the heart of the solution. As the Green lifestyles and ethical consumption have become increasingly popular strategies in moving towards environmentally-friendly societies and combating global scarcity. More and more business and industries are joining in the green movement, either out of a real interest in saving the planet or a desire to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for greener ways. In India, though consumerism is gaining momentum after 1991, when India threw her doors open to international trade, and the situation changed dramatically and so did consumerism in India, but green consumerism is not getting due priority. Government, business organizations and consumers are arpeggios for green consumerism in India. Though Government of India has already taken initiative by imposing many rules and regulations regarding environmental preservation but there is need to play the role on marketing green ideas more intensively to make people more aware and knowledgeable about environmental issues and problems, so that there will be a new breed of green minded consumers to keep themselves healthy as well as there will be a great contribution to preserve our planet healthy for our next generations. The study seeks to critically analyze the factors contributing to the rising green consumerism and to further study the governmental interventions which can effectively benefit both the marketers and consumers as well.