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The Effect of Mass Flow Rate on the Heat Transfer Solar Water Heater with Using Nano Fluid on CFD: A Review | Original Article

Gyan Singh*, Yogesh Tembhurne, Vijaykant Pandey, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this developing world, energy demand is growing day by day. But due to the scarcity and continuous depletion of conventional fuels, Renewable energy is an alternative source. Among all renewable energies, we have solar energy in abundance and solar collectors are commonly used to harvest the energy. The conventional fluids which are used as the heat transfer medium in solar collectors suffer from poor thermal and heat absorption properties. It has been found that these conventional fluids have a limited capacity to carry heat up, which in turn limits the collector performance. It has been observed that for conventional fluids, suspending the nanoparticles in a liquid (Nanofluid) can be a good substitute because of the improved thermal properties.