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Big Data Security Issues and Approaches for Big Data Security: A Review | Original Article

Alka Chauhan*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In this paper fundamental big-data security issues are talked about. The difficulties of security in big data condition can be Arranged into validation level, data level, network level, and conventional issues. We likewise examined methodologies like data encryption, network encryption, logging, hub maintenance and calculations for encryption techniques. Big data is the rising fields that connected to the executives of the gigantic records of data. That is the transformative idea of data warehousing that has been utilized for data mining and data preparing. Big data give better administration under information revelation process. Different activities have been actualized on the dataset case to evacuate strange and un-helpful data from the crude data with the goal that a significant dataset can be effectively instated. In this paper big data hypothesis has been talked about that has been utilized for data the board and security approaches that give big data security. In this paper different methodologies have been talked about that depend on gathering sharing of mystery keys, ID based verification and versatile based confirmation and cryptography. Based on these methodologies an ideal methodology must be examined for security of the data with the goal that data can be put away under encoded way.