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Experimenting the Speed and Flexibility of Female Kho-Kho Players | Original Article

Bipin Babu Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In the 21st century, sport and physical movement have earned an incredible significance in society. With this upgraded mindfulness, physical, specialized and mental enhancements have moved toward becoming priority in game groups with the aim of benefitting as much as possible from the competitor's possibility. In such manner, the referred to wear sciences, for example, physiology, biochemistry, medicine, biomechanics, anthropometry, humanism and brain science have been enhanced, inquired about and connected in focused game. Kho-Kho positions as a standout amongst the most well-known traditional sports in India. Kho is an amazingly complicated and strategic game. The Mallakhamb is an art. Mallakhamb is a game that limits different exercise that enhance flexibility, strength, coordination and agility. Alongside neuromuscular development, zone of individual character, control and self-motivation will be unequivocally improved. The length of the staff is generally 1.68 meters (five and a half feet). Size of the staff is identified with the stature of the silambam player. The purpose of study was to research the impact of mallakhamb practices and Silambam practices on speed and flexibility among u-19 female Kho-Kho players so as to accomplish the purpose of the study 45 female region level Kho-Kho players were chosen randomly and they were similarly isolated in to three groups of 15 each as experimental group-I, experimental group-II and control group