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A Study on Classroom Performance of Secondary School Teachers | Original Article

Rami Rinabahen Popatlal*, Alok Kumar, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Education is illumination. It assumes extremely significant role in the lives of individuals by empowering them with various abilities, skills, competencies, modes of creative thinking and expression and paving the path for enhancing the quality of life. It is maybe the reason that each society attempts to make every single important course of action for guaranteeing most ideal education for the people to come. Another essential aspect of education is that it helps preservation, sustenance and enrichment of culture. Through education the human youngster who is by all accounts dependent for its exercises during childbirth turns into the most competent and successful individual by attaining all round development of hisher personality. This transformation is neither accidental nor aimless. It happens in an environment where in various establishments operate and leave their imprint on the personality. Again the basic individual contrasts get formed according to the environmental exposure accessible to every person. Education is the result of human environment association that one encounters as a kid, as a grown-up and as an old individual. All things considered education is the deep rooted process and every single one of us gets open doors for an assortment of encounters. The quest for such encounters is an inalienable quality. Each human kid is constrained to look for hisher basic needs which thus take the state of human environment collaboration consequence of which proceed all through life. Education of an individual human starts during childbirth and proceeds all through life.