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Quantum Physics Research Supports Consciousness As Information |

Ramcharan Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The "energy" dominance in physics has madeit difficult to develop widely accepted theories of mind that explainsconsciousness and intention. Recent research in the unification of quantumgravity theories for black holes has proven that information is primary to thestructure of quantum mechanics and therefore introduces an "It fromBit" perspective for the universe that has relevance for consciousness.This understanding of quantum information being more fundamental thanenergy/matter or even space/time, requires the adoption of anenergy/information duality for anything with inaccessible states, such asquantum states and consciousness. The seemingly paradoxical aspects ofconsciousness will become more understandable adopting this energy/informationduality just as early in this century the particle/wave duality was insightfulin understanding physics.