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Utilization of Sports Facilities in Government and Private Schools of Delhi: A Comparative Analysis | Original Article

Suraj Singh Pawar*, Ajit Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Physical Education and Sports going through an evolutionary process in India, Various Sports schemes were initiated by Government of India since inception. This study efforts to assess the Utilization of sports facilities parameters i.e. sports Equipment’s, Sports Infrastructure, Sports Personnel’s, Sports Events organization and participation in both Government and Private Schools of Delhi. Study focuses on comparison between Government and private Schools of Delhi in terms of utilization of various Sports facilities parameters in relation to frequency of use, Quality and level of satisfaction of beneficiaries towards one or other available sports facilities rather than just analysing availability or non-availability of available resources. Present study proposes and confirms an Independent variable (School Type) and its effect on dependent variable (Sports Promotion). A total of 616 subjects from 56 Government and Private Schools of Delhi (28 Government schools 28 Private Schools 10 students and one physical education teacher from each school) were selected for the study. Data was collected with the help of a self-made questionnaire. The data was analyzed using mann-whitney U test for assessing the difference between the means of Government and Private schools of Delhi. Study reveals that there are significant differences between Government and Private schools of Delhi in relation to Frequency of Use, quality, and level of satisfaction towards selected Sports Facilities variables. Present study also reveals that impact of sports facilities is dependent on school type.