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Development of a Discriminant Model to Classify Volleyball Players According to Their Position | Original Article

Pardeep Kumar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


This study has been conducted with a purpose to develop a discriminant model to classify the spiker and libero players in volleyball. Thirty six volleyball players have been selected from the sixteen teams at All India Inter-University Championship, Kanpur, India (2019). The players were examined on the particular variables just after the finish of the tournament. The variables which were selected for the purpose of the study are vital capacity, fat percentage, lean body weight, resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, negative breath holding capacity, positive breath holding capacity, thigh length, calf girth, thigh girth, leg length, hand length, upper arm girth, trunk length, standing height, forearm length, arm length and body weight. A robust and significant discriminant model has been constructed to classify the spikers and liberos. Among all the selected variables, upper arm girth and standing height were found to have significant discriminating power.