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Analyzing the Role of Mobile Agent in Intrusion Detection System | Original Article

Kalyankumar Dasari*, K. Venkatesh Sharma, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This paper shows a distributed interruption location framework (IDS), in light of mobile agents, that detects interruption from outside the system section just as from inside. Remote sniffers are controlled by the IDS by means of mobile agents, which accumulate interruption location information and send them back to the principle station for examination. The proposed discovery calculation depends on augmentation of trust displaying techniques with portrayal of questionable personalities, setting portrayal and implicit presumption that noteworthy traffic peculiarities are an aftereffect of possibly malicious activity. The heterogeneous irregularity identification strategies are utilized by cooperating agents and after that correlated utilizing a notoriety mechanism. This paper talks about different manners by which mobile agents could be applied to the problem of detecting and responding to interruptions. The paper looks at the benefits derived from mobility, yet additionally at those associated with programming agents by and large.