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Comparison of Anthropometric Measurements among the Students of Education and Physical Education | Original Article

Anuj Kumar, Sandeep Kumar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The world of sports is growing with the force of competition and enlarging scientific studies of human movement. Nature of sports is dynamic and for load it is progressive. It’s limited to what has been, but it’s goal is to fix new targets. The field of Sports and Physical Education are international disciplines because they expand international understanding and worldwide brotherhood in present politically conflicting lives. Sport movements are considered as one of the major adhesive forces for developing world peace. The objectives of the study were to study and compare the Anthropometric Measurement among the students of Education and Physical Education in Western Uttar Pradesh. The study was delimited to the 600 undergraduate students of Western Uttar Pradesh and Further, delimited to anthropometric measurement variables i.e. Standing Height, Sitting Height, Leg Length, Arm Length and Body Weight. Before setting the hypothesis the research scholar undergone the related studies in the area of particular subject and consulted experts in this regards. On the basis of their advice suggestions and the experience of the research scholar it was hypothesized that There will be a significant difference in Anthropometric variables i.e. Standing Height, Arm Length, Leg Length, Sitting Height and Body Weight among the students of Education and Physical Education. The total numbers of 600 subjects (300 from Education and 300 from Physical Education).were selected from 10 different districts of western Uttar Pradesh and further, 30 students from each district of each category were selected. To compare anthropometric measurement among the students of Education and Physical Education, ‘t-test’ was applied. Conclusion Analysis of the result was found significant differences between the mean scores of education and physical education students in relation to Standing Height, Leg Length, Arm Length, Sitting Height and Body Weight as their t-value was found 8.284, 15.924, 4.344, 7.881 and 2.996 which were higher value than the required value at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the study also showed that all parameters of anthropometric measurements i.e. Standing Height, Leg Length, Arm Length, Sitting Height and Body Weight of Physical Education Students were found greater than Education students of Western Uttar Pradesh.