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An Analysis on the Fundamental Concept of Knowledge Representation: a Case Study of Ai |

Ms. Rubina Khan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Semantic entailment isthe issue of deciding on the off chance that the significance of a givensentence entails that of an alternate. Inquiry noting might be decreased tothis issue by rethinking the inquiry as an explanation that is entailed byright replies. In [braz et al.,] we show a principled methodology to semanticentailment that expands on actuating re-representations of text snippets into ahierarchical knowledge representation alongside an optimization-basedinferential mechanism that makes utilization of it to demonstrate semanticentailment. Contrasted with pastlogic-based methodologies to sanction, DL gives a novel combo ofcharacteristics: it is based on logic projects, communicates appointmentprofundity unequivocally, what's more backings a wide mixture of complexprincipals. Looked at to past methodologies to trust administration, DL gives analternate novel characteristic: an idea of verification of-agreeability that isnot by any means impromptu and that is based on model theoretic semantics (inthe same way that common logic projects have a model-theoretic semantics). DL'smethodology is additionally novel in that it joins the above characteristicswith smooth extensibility to non-monotonicity, refutation, and prioritizedclash handling. This extensibility isexpert by expanding on the well-comprehended establishment of DL'slogic-program knowledge representation.