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Heritage tourism through urban regeneration – case study of Land forts of Marathwada region | Original Article

Ar. Shreyas Paranjape*, Ar. Ketaki Badge, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


From the outset of civilization, human beings felt the need for protection not only from natural calamities wild animals but also from rival human being. And the concept of raising the barrier around the settlement must have been initiated. This might have triggered the idea of constructing ramparts fortifications around towns thathave been found out during recent archaeological excavations took place in 2010. The Land forts which has existed withinthe political boundary of the Marathwada region are typical examples of military architecture of the medieval period. Despite their significant history most of them are isolated in the core city area rarely visited by tourists locals. This research paper aim to create a role model toolkit by designing a framework to generate revenue by reviving the heritage structures located in urban areas. Heritage policies, cultural events, active participation of the locals and visitors, and facility management will be the main components of this framework. A comprehensive framework for four such identified cases has been designed and the outcome of the framework will be helpful for policymakers, urban designers conservation architects.