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The Impact of E-Advertising Strategy on Customer Buying Behavior: An Analytical Study | Research Letter

Ruchi Arora*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


It's an approved fact that if a business wants to survive in the long run, it has to keep itself updated. Laggers are left behind when they stick to rigid traditional methods and are not able to keep themselves going with the trends. With the advancement in technology, there is a shift from the traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing. There are various advantages associated with digital advertising as compared to traditional methods of advertising the product or a service such as less cost, helps in building customer base across the globe, boosting online sales and helps in growing brand loyalty. The goal of the research study is to analyze the impact of e- advertising on the buying decision behavior of the consumer. With the advancement in technology and increase in the number of people engaged on social media and other platforms as well as a shift in their preferences to buy online are important crucial reasons why no. of enterprises are taking a shift towards digital advertising. The secondary objective of the research is to analyze the consumer psychology and purchasing behavior while making online purchases. The results of the findings depict that a positive change in the behavior of the consumer is seen via adopting digital advertising tools. The sales surely get a boost in the long run but this can not only be attributable to only one factor but digital marketing strategies have an important role to play in this regard. Thus the conclusion can be drawn from this study is that marketers need to be updated with the technology and trends if they want to survive in the long run.