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Kinetic Reactions of Electron Transfer Reaction by Alkaline Permanganate | Original Article

Amardeep Kumar*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A present research paper has been derived on “Kinetic reactions of Electron Transfer Reaction by Alkaline Permanganate.” The reaction has stoichiometry 21 ([MnO₄][L-Ala]). The reaction shows first order kinetics in [permanganate ion] and fractional order dependence in both [L-Alanine] and [alkali]. Addition of products, manganate, aldehyde and ammonia, have no significant effect on the reaction rate. Increase in ionic strength and dielectric constant of the medium increases the rate. The oxidation process in alkaline medium under the conditions employed has been shown to proceed via two paths, one substrate dependent and other substrate independent. The proposed mechanism has the following rate law. The reaction has been studied at different temperatures and activation parameters have been computed with respect to slow step of mechanism proposed. The reaction constants involved in the mechanism are evaluated as well.