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An Analysis on Various E-Earning System Architecture Model Using Cloud Computing |

Koche Kemal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing is becoming an adoptabletechnology for many of the organizations with its dynamic scalability and usageof virtualized resources as a service through the Internet. Cloud computing isgrowing rapidly, with applications in almost any area, including education. Nowa day, e-learning is also becoming very popular and powerful trend, which isalso broad. E-learning systems usually require many hardware and softwareresources. This paper presents the benefits of using cloud computing fore-learning. There are many educational institutions that cannot afford suchinvestments, and cloud computing is the best solution, especially in the universitieswhere the use of computers are more intensive and what can be done to increasethe benefits of common applications for students and teachers. This is the era of globalcommunication which is a very exciting time in the field of information technology.Technical advances such as the internet combined with software applications aidand enrich our modern daily lives. Thus, large businesses and the privatesector can see the benefits of embracing these applications to gain theadvantage over their competitors. Moreover, this not only applies to businessesbut also the educational field. This paper focuses on the particulartechnologies that have been applied to support education, for instance,learning management systems and e-Learning.