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Recent Trends of Commerce Education In India |

Vijay Deswal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The growing phenomenon ofglobalization, liberalization and privatization has been immensely influencingthe Commerce Education. Alvin Toffler in his famous book “Future Shock” saysthat, “To help avert future shock, we must create a super industrialeducational system and to do this, we must search for our objectives, methodsin the future rather than past. Education must shift into future tense.” TheHigher Education sector in India is very vast. The role of Higher Education innational development is well established. The objectives of Higher Educationcan be achieved only through qualitative change in the system. The output ofCommerce Education should be multidimensional and with full global competitiveness.But we have to realize that the Commerce graduate have lack of practicalknowledge. Commerce education is taking slowly a professional approach.Policy makers as well as users are adopting a more positive approach whilelooking at commerce education. New specializations curriculum and approachesare being brought in the commerce education. The reason for this change can berightly understood if one looks at changing business and economic environmentin the country. The industries are no longer in need of mono skilled or singleskilled person, they expect a trained, qualified and multi skilled specialistwho can meet the industry requirement properly.