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A Study on Developing the Next Generation of Decision Support Systems Using Autonomous Software Agents |

Umesh Kumar Lilhore, Prof. Dr. Rishi Pal Bangarh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


IBM has predicted that software agents willbecome the most important computing paradigm in the next ten years (Gilbert,2007). The growing number of commercial and research agent implementationsprovides evidence that the computing industry recognizes the potential of this newparadigm (Huhns & Singh, 2008; General Magic, 2008; Gilbert, 2007,Mitsubishi Electric, 2007; Object Space, 2007). The standard-setting bodiesthat have been formed to address the issues of agent communication and mobilityfurnish further confirmation (Chang & Lange, 2006; Neches, Fikes, Finin,Gruber, Patil, Senator & Swart out 2001).