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A Comparative Study About Various Security and Privacy Challenges of Big Data on Cloud Computing |

Charles R., Dr. P. Selva Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In this paper, we discuss security issues for cloud computing, Big data,Map Reduce and Hadoop environment. The main focus is on security issues incloud computing that are associated with big data. Big data applications are agreat benefit to organizations, business, companies and many large scale andsmall scale industries. We also discuss various possible solutions for theissues in cloud computing security and Hadoop. Cloud computing security isdeveloping at a rapid pace which includes computer security, network security,information security, and data privacy. Cloud computing plays a very vital role in protecting data,applications and the related infrastructure with the help of policies,technologies, controls, and big data tools. Moreover, cloud computing, big data and its applications,advantages are likely to represent the most promising new frontiers in science. Big Data and cloudcomputing are two important issues in the recent years, enables computingresources to be provided as Information Technology services with highefficiency and effectiveness. Now a day’s big data is one of the most problemsthat researchers try to solve it and focusing their researches over it to getride the problem of how big data could be handling in the recent systems andmanaged with the cloud of computing, and the one of the most important issue ishow to gain a perfect security for big data in cloud computing, our paperreviews a Survey of big data with clouds computing security and the mechanismsthat used to protect and secure also have a privacy for big data with anavailable clouds.