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A Study of Physiological Variables of Volleyball Players Performance | Original Article

Tanvi V. Tarpara*, Nisith Kumar Datta, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this study was evaluating the Indian volleyball players with other anthropometric characteristics studied. The purpose of this article was to review a series of studies on physical characteristics, physiological attributes, and volleyball skills of female and male volleyball players. Among the main findings were (a) that male national players were taller and heavier than state and novice players, while female national players showed lower body fat values compared with state and novice players, and (b) vertical jump values were higher in starters versus nonstarters. Among the methodological concerns based on the reviewed studies were the lack of information on maturational age and lack of longitudinal studies. It was recommended that a careful selection of physiological tests should be made when assessing the abilities of adolescent volleyball players. The findings of the present study might be useful in future investigation on player selection, talent identification in volleyball and training program development.