Publishing Partnership Program

Choose innovation, expertise, and dedication to open research

We invite of Universities,Colleges, Societies and organizers academic events to collaborate with us to start your new journal or publish exiting journal with us.

Our publishing partners benefit from our unparalleled expertise, technical knowledge and professional support in publishing open access journals. Whether your goal is to launch anew journal, transfer an existing title or convert a subscription title to open access, we will be delighted to support you.

  • A state-of-the-art publishing platform, combining customizable journal websites, user-friendly manuscript-submission and peer-review systems and a fast publication service.
  • Strategic and editorial support, ensuring your journal’s positive development towards your specific goals, in any subject area, worldwide.
  • Search engine optimization, increasing the global visibility of your journal to expand its author and reader base.
  • A comprehensive customer service, offering you, your authors, editors and reviewers qualified support whenever needed.
  • A flexible financial model, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs, ranging from sponsoring the APCs for all journal authors, your members only, in full or in part, to supporting the development of your journal.
  • Registration of ISSN & ISBN for all international journals, Magazines and books.
  • Indexing of journals in reputed international indexes like Thomson Reuters for IMPACT FACTOR.
  • Creative commons attribution license for open access journals.
  • Pre-Press Services like data capturing, data conversions, data basing, typesetting, document scanning etc.
  • Converting electronic data from one format to another involving the conversion of Text and Graphic images into a specified format like PDF/HTML/SGML/XML etc. . .