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A Comparative Study of Occupational Stress among Physical Education Teachers Working in State Government, Central Government and Private Schools | Original Article

Sahnaj Akhter*, Rajarshi Kar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study was conducted to compare occupational stress among physical education school teachers in West Bengal State Govt., Central Govt. and Private school teachers. Twenty (20) participants were selected (total 60) randomly from each type of school. Six factors of occupational stress (Work Dilemma, Professional Growth, Professional Misconception, Working Condition, On Job Relation and Personal Status) were assessed using Occupational Stress Scale (English version) by Awadhesh Kumar Shirotiya and M. I. Quraishi. Significant difference was found among groups in all the variables except Work Dilemma. Results reveal that State Govt. teachers were significantly better than others in Working Conditions and Job Relation. Central Govt. teachers were significantly better than private teachers in personal status. Central Govt. teachers were weakest in personal growth as per self-report questionnaire. Private teachers were significantly poorer than Central Govt. teachers in Professional Misconception.