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A Study on the Handball Playing Ability Among College Level Players |

Sandeep Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Handball is an ideal synthesis of the three fundamentalathletic disciplines of running, jumping and throwing. Therefore it is not onlya purely competitive sport but also a fine sport to be taken up with advantageby many for purposes of training and health. The player must be able to startquickly, he must be a persevering runner, he must be able to skillfully deceivehis opponent, he must be able to swiftly pick up the ball or catch it in theair, he must pass the ball with precision to his team-mates and he must be ableto execute all sorts of throws; in short, his body, his arms and his legs willhave to be harmoniously trained. As the name of the game suggests, hands play the mostimportant role; hands being naturally the deftest members of the body, thegrowing popularity of Handball is easily explained. Many kinds of throws toscore a goal are possible. The Handball player is inspired to use his hands asa means of carrying out his ideas. The game is, of course, also faster thanother ball-games.