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Impact of Resistance Endurance Training and Combined Training on Determined Physical Fitness Parameters |

Mamta Kumari, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The motivation behind the study was to discover theimpact of resistance training, endurance training and combined training onchosen physical fitness variables. Sixty male students matured between 17 and22 years were chosen for the study. They were partitioned into four equivalentgroups, each one group comprising of fifteen subjects in which Group Iunderwent resistance training, group II underwent endurance training, group IIIunderwent combo training, three days for every week for twelve weeks and groupIV went about as control, which completed not take part in any training. Thesubjects were tried on chosen rule variables, for example, leg strength, backstrength and cardio-respiratory endurance at preceding and instantly after thetraining period. For testing the leg strength and back strength, thedynamometer was utilized and to test the cardio-respiratory endurance, theCooper's 12 minutes run/walk test was managed. The analysis of covariance(ANCOVA) was utilized to discover the huge contrast if any, between the trialgroups and control group on chosen rule variables independently. Since therewere four groups included in the present study, the Scheffé S test was utilizedas post-hoc test. The chose paradigm variables, for example, leg strength, backstrength and cardio-respiratory were enhanced altogether for all the traininggroups when contrasted and the control group and the leg and back strength wereenhanced altogether for combined training group and resistance training group,and in cardio-respiratory endurance, the endurance training group and combinedtraining groups were altogether moved forward.